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          What is ancient Malone? What is it useful?

          Author: admin Time: 2016/9/21 17:49:24

          The ancient Malone resin is pale yellow to dark brown solid or viscous liquid, from coal tar or heavy benzene or phenol oil resin prepared by condensation, also known as the ancient Malone Malone ancient yellow solid solid indene resin, hard and brittle, much like the appearance of rosin. The ancient Malone resin with thermoplastic, mainly used to replace natural resin or rosin grease, in preparation of insulating paint and anti rust paint, rubber softener (a tackifier enhancement) and ceramic adhesive used for ink and oil blankets and artificial leather, coating, rubber and adhesive compound, tire and rubber products, printing ink, often as materials with the use of.

          The ancient Malone resin is widely used in rubber, tire, belt, V-belt, paint, ink, waterproof and other industries, whether it is the ancient Malone resin, liquid rubber or ancient Malone alone had no adhesion, compound can make the rubber has good adhesive properties, including pressure sensitive or hot melt adhesive used for the past. Rosin resin or indene resin price high source of instability, performance is less than the Malone resin, while the price of ancient Malone resin than the rosin price is low, and the ancient Malone resin yield than the rosin yield stability, the leading position at present in the rubber industry has occupied the ancient Malone resin binder. The old Malone resin was added into the rubber to soften, reinforce, increase the viscosity, dispersing and so on, thus improving the processing property of the rubber.

          Production process: the ancient Malone is using ethylene tar, carbon nine as raw materials by distillation, polymerization of brown to black solid resin.

          This product uses: used plastic toughening agent. Coatings and inks in film-forming agent. Softening agent in rubber processing, gloss and tear modifier, also can be used for the preparation of adhesives.